Workshops on Demand


  • You want a clear, step-by-step method to make and understand how to make natural, handmade soaps and scents

  • You want information broken down into easy-to-digest pieces

  • You want over a decade of experience and literally thousands of hours of research filtered and presented to you in a concise manner, without having to spend hours going through how to videos and articles on the internet

  • You want to go hands-on in your learning for a full, immersive experience

  • You want post-workshop support via our online community for troubleshooting and questions

Meet Your Instructor

Mia Lauchengco

Hi, I'm Mia! I started making soaps out of desperation—I wanted a natural, mild soap for my daughter who was a baby at the time. Little did I know that making Castile soap in my kitchen would lead me to start a business, make lifelong friends, and teach others how to make soap and scents!

Allow me to share with you what I’ve learned in more than a decade’s worth of experience, and thousands of hours reading through learning material—so that you don’t have to do it all yourself.

Let’s make soaps and scents, and let’s have fun!

Our Mission

Whether to start a business or engage in a new hobby, we will teach you how to make quality soaps and scents that are safe and effective.

  • Practical Lessons

    Clear and to-the-point, our lessons include all the information you need to get started. Videos and written material are presented in a conversational manner, making it fun yet comprehensive.

  • Make Great Stuff

    Together we will make soaps and scents that are awesome. Practical, hands-on activities are included in each workshop so that you get to enjoy what you made at the end of each course!

  • Online community

    Discussions are enabled per lesson, and you have access to post-workshop support via our online community.

  • We welcome the competition

    Starting a business allowed me to make lifelong friends, gave me a sense of fulfillment that boosted my confidence, and opened me up to more creative and business opportunities for myself and others.

    I want this for you, too.